10 Vastu tips for positivity prosperity and pleasure

10 Vastu tips for positivity, prosperity and pleasure

Vastu is a discipline that focuses on preserving the five elements of nature in their proper places and proportions. There are 10 Vastu tips for positivity prosperity and pleasure. It is critical to creating an environment that attracts good energy, allowing for prosperity, progress, and pleasure in your life.

Place a tulsi plant at your front door:- 

The Tulsi plant is revered for its association with Lord Vishnu as well as its medical benefits. It absorbs bad energies while boosting the positive energy in the area. It is best to keep it facing east, although it can also be positioned near a window facing north or northeast.

Do not maintain an open shoe stand at the front door:- 

It just invites bad energy into the home, resulting in a discordant environment. The west or south-west corner is ideal for putting a shoe rack. Please avoid positioning it towards the north, south-east, or east orientations.

It’s not a good idea to sleep with your head in the north :- 

The magnetic field on Earth originates in the north, and our heads point north. If we sleep with our heads in the north, we will have sleepless nights and difficulties with blood disorders.

 Doors and windows :-

10 Vastu tips for positivity prosperity and pleasure

Doors and windows in the north and east should be larger than those in the south and west. It’s also a good idea to avoid having windows facing southwest.

Wall clocks should be in functioning order at all times :- 

They should be positioned on the house’s east, west, and north walls. Orienting the wall clock in this direction facilitates the acquisition of new possibilities and the completion of tasks without difficulty. Green wall clocks should be avoided since they may detract from opportunities.

Heavy furniture should be placed against the south and west walls 

Heavy furniture should be placed against the south and west walls while light furniture should be placed against the north and east walls. Use more hardwood furniture instead of plastic because it does not generate hazardous gases. Metal furniture should also be avoided since it emits an electromagnetic field around us, increasing negativity.


Home name plate :-

The home nameplate should be nice and clean. A gleaming nameplate draws business. It also establishes the initial impression and defines the lifestyle of the person who lives there.

The main entrance :-

The main entrance not only allows you and your visitors to enter the house, but it also serves as an energy gateway. It should always be larger and more visible than the other doors in the house. It should be made of wood and positioned in the north, north-east, east, or west, as they are considered fortunate directions.

For prosperity, the Bhramasthan, or centre point of the structure, should be devoid of any barriers such as a pillar, beam, stairs, or any heavy burden. The loss of money and health in Bhramasthan is directly proportionate to corruption.

10 Vastu tips for positivity prosperity and pleasure

Because the northeast is the source of positive energy, it should be open, light, and tidy, but the southwest is the storage area for all of these energies, therefore it should be heavy and confined. The ideal answer is to maintain the walls in the south and west taller and thicker than the walls in the north and east.