Sir Film Review: A spirit blending story of passionate closeness, dreams, and having a place



Rohena Gera


Rohena Gera


Tillotama Shome, Vivek Gomber, Geetanjali Kulkarni

STORY: Perfect partners are found in the most startling spots. Two individuals partitioned by cultural standards and joined by their peaceful love, understanding, and shared regard, engage each other as they trade significant looks, talk through hushes, and can’t help thinking about what lies ahead for them.

Review: The male hero of the film — U.S returned modeler Ashwin (Vivek Gomber), while examining relationship hardships with a companion says, that he can’t be the person who messages or calls a lady haphazardly if that is the thing that she anticipates. A couple of scenes later, he gets the telephone and calls Ratna (Tillotama Shome), his live-in Maharashtrian servant, who is on a 3-day leave for her sister’s wedding in a town.

Somewhat lost without her in his own home, when asked by her, “Sir, Kuch kaam tha kya?”, he answers after a short delay, “Nahi, Aise howdy telephone Kiya.” They don’t talk a lot however that call is sufficient for either to understand what it implies. Love causes you to do things you disclose to yourself you won’t.

Chief Rohena Gera’s SIR contains flawless minutes like these. They assist you with interpreting implied emotions between two individuals, who discover their perfect partner in the most improbable situation. Gera astonishingly utilizes the language of quiet and compares the lead characters to draw out their shared traits notwithstanding the huge class difference. Depression and enthusiastic unrest doesn’t separate between the rich and poor.

In contrast to most accounts of this type, the sentimental show doesn’t follow the ‘rich kid helpless young lady’ format which anticipates that the lady should be a quiet victim or sacrificer and the man to be the deliverer. Ratna may not be instructed or an understandable speaker yet she is a tough contender, who reproves cultural standards.

A youthful widow, she finds out about existence and endurance than Another Yorker in Mumbai nursing a wrecked relationship. She finishes him in manners he discovers hard to decode. She gives him boldness to pursue his fantasies as she, at the end of the day, attempts to seek after hers, in spite of her restricted assets.


This isn’t your average fantasy of a rich man inspiring a helpless lady. Here the sovereign needn’t bother with his Cinderella to appear in a dazzling outfit, extraordinary cosmetics, and glass stilettos. He succumbs to her even as she continues doing her day by day family unit errands since she comprehends him better than any other individual.

Ratna solidly says she needs to be a style originator when Ashwin ‘sir’ inquires as to whether she plans to be a tailor. In her reality, dreams don’t accompany a class authentication. Furthermore, in his, cultural marks discover more unmistakable quality than emotions. In a Julia Roberts-esque scene from Pretty Lady, the servant is seen out and mortified when she attempts to look at an upscale design boutique in Mumbai.

In any case, nothing prevents her from revealing to herself that a worker also has the option to become who she needs to be. The composing doesn’t smell of bias or disdain however confidence and expectation, even as the treatment stays nuanced and reasonable. At the point when Ashwin’s companion asks him, ‘how might you potentially date your housekeeper!’, the comments aren’t stooping however worried for a third individual who isn’t blinded by adoration.

With a run-season of under 2 hours, the film has a stewing, sexy state of mind to it. What stands apart is the enamoring passionate closeness that unfurls in an unhurried way. The characters scarcely contact or address one another yet the closeness is unmistakable. This is elusive in contemporary romantic tales… On the off chance that it sounds one-sided, so be it yet ladies make excellent romantic tales on the grounds that their brain sees things that men pass up.

The testy cinematography astutely utilizes Mumbai, the ocean, and spaces inside the rambling house in a rich skyscraper as a critical character. The city, a place where there are openings is an equalizer. Two individuals who are attracted to one another however shun saying as much, live in a similar house in neighboring rooms. The dividers that different them are likewise figurative, suggesting Ratna and Ashwin’s so-close-yet-so-far status.

Tillotama Shome and Vivek Gomber are exceptional as two individuals who must uncover and disguise what they feel. To find some kind of harmony among articulation and hold back, guiltlessness and fortitude — Ratna and Ashwin are precarious characters to depict. The entertainers imbue effortlessness, earnestness, and a feeling of innate sympathy and delightfulness to the story. ‘SIR’ without these two would be difficult to understand.

Tillotama specifically delivers perhaps the best execution. She keeps you genuinely put resources into the story and inspires compassion without letting her character flounder in self-centeredness. Powerless yet feisty, Geetanjali Kulkarni in her critical strong part as Ratna’s compatriot Laxmi, offers an external viewpoint to the pervasive class partition. Ratna and Laxmi’s profound discussions and bike rides are freeing.

Rarely do you unearth a romantic tale that closes as delightfully as it starts? This one is unmissable.


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