BJP ‘Staring off into space’, Lok Sabha Poll Performance in West Bengal Not to Help it Win Assembly Election: TMC

Lok Sabha and Assembly decisions are diverse ball games, TMC representative Sukhendu Sekhar Roy said.

Lok Sabha and Assembly decisions are diverse ball games, TMC representative Sukhendu Sekhar Roy said.

The Trinamool Congress on Wednesday said that if the BJP is considering winning the Assembly surveys in West Bengal one year from now as a result of its presentation in the Lok Sabha political decision in 2019, the saffron party is fantasizing. Lok Sabha and Assembly races are distinctive ball games, TMC representative Sukhendu Sekhar Roy said.

Countering the BJP’s affirmation that it would present the “Gujarat model” for the improvement of West Bengal, he said that similar figures of the two states demonstrate that the TMC-managed state fared preferred in a few key areas over the one represented by the saffron party.

“The individuals who are stating that they will win the Assembly surveys since they have won 18 seats in the Lok Sabha political race are staring off into space,” Roy, a Rajya Sabha MP, stated, without naming the BJP.

The BJP won 18 of the 42 Lok Sabha voting public in West Bengal in the 2019 general races. The senior TMC pioneer said that the Congress had stowed 16 seats from West Bengal in the December 1984 Lok Sabha races, however it could win just 42 electorates in the 1987 Assembly surveys.

“There is no connection between the Lok Sabha races and Assembly surveys of a state. Such correlations are bizarre,” Roy told a public interview here. Roy said that party supremo Mamata Banerjee’s just plan is harmony and improvement and individuals’ government assistance.

He said that however it is being guaranteed that the “Gujarat model” will be presented in West Bengal for its turn of events, the history of the TMC-administered state is superior to the Western state on a few boundaries.

BJP state president Dilip Ghosh has as of late said that the saffron gathering will transform Bengal into another Gujarat through different improvement activities to guarantee that the young people of the state don’t need to go to different pieces of the nation for occupations.

In the 2019-20 money related year, budgetary distribution on wellbeing administrations rose by 6.3 percent in West Bengal, while in BJP-managed Gujarat, it expanded by 4 percent, Roy said.

During a similar period, the designation on training expanded in Bengal by 12.3 percent, while it rose by just 5.3 percent in the western express, the TMC pioneer said asserting that these are focal government information.

Roy guaranteed that Bengal performed in a way that is better than Gujarat likewise in different zones including the MSME area and age of mandays in the MGNREGA venture. “Bengal has 88 lakh medium and little scope ventures, while Gujarat has just 33 lakh,” he said.

The TMC representative asserted that in any event 2,000 individuals were killed and almost 1.5 lakh individuals were delivered destitute in only three days in 2002 in Gujarat in the most pessimistic scenario of basic freedoms infringement in the nation.

With the BJP getting various public level pioneers to the state in front of the Assembly political race due in April-May one year from now, Roy guaranteed that a gathering of untouchables with their neighborhood partners are attempting to destabilize the state while Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee set up harmony and guaranteed advancement in the wake of coming to control in 2011.

“These untouchables don’t know about Bengal’s inheritance, legacy and culture. They are attempting to affect disruptive governmental issues,” he claimed. Roy said that party laborers have been approached to keep vigil to see whether “pariahs” are attempting to prompt struggle or make division among individuals or enjoy for horse-exchanging.

Concerning by different focal organizations over supposed sneaking of coal and steers and different issues in the state, he stated, “There is the same old thing in it. These offices become dynamic at whatever point races come.”

On Suvendu Adhikary holding public gatherings for certain days without the TMCs flag, Roy stated, “He is a significant pioneer and is an individual from the gathering’s most noteworthy approach making body, aside from being a senior pastor” Adhikary, who assumed a critical part in the counter land procurement development at Nandigram that helped Mamata Banerjee’s ascent to control in the state, has additionally been missing in an ongoing cupboard meeting.

Gotten some information about All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) intending to challenge the Assembly races in the express, the TMC representative said that it is the privilege of that party however it has no impact in Bengal.

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