Prabhudheva getting married to a physiotherapist in September in Mumbai

Prabhudheva getting married to a physiotherapist in September in Mumbai

Prabhudheva’s dear companion has told the main gateway that his marriage has September, and his better half is a physiotherapist with establishes in Bihar and not his niece

After one separation and a bombed relationship with Nayanthara, it would seem that Prabhudheva has supposedly again entered marriage. Furthermore, he has not hitched his niece as it is being accounted for by certain entries. A dear companion of the choreographer-movie producer disclosed to IndiaToday. that he has hitched a Bihar-based physiotherapist. The companion said the wedding occurred at Prabhudheva’s Mumbai home, Green Sections of land at some point in September.

Starting now, they are in Chennai. He has homes in Mumbai and Chennai in addition to a gigantic bequest in Karnataka. It appears he figured out how to stayed quiet about the wedding for a long while now. Be that as it may, this exposure has occurred after stories of his wedding his niece surfaced via web-based media.

It appears they met in Mumbai, where Prabhudheva was looking for treatment for his back issues. Gradually, he began preferring her. The two dated for quite a while and chose to venture out in September. As we probably are aware, he is living in Boney Kapoor’s Green Sections of land habitation in Mumbai. The source likewise rubbished all news that he had hitched his niece. He stated, “No, those reports are bogus.

Prabhudheva wedded a physiotherapist and she isn’t his niece. As of now, they are in Chennai.” He has not affirmed the wedding via online media or through an official representative. The wedding was a little undertaking because of the limitations. We don’t have a clue whether a sumptuous wedding is additionally in progress

In 1995, Prabhudheva wedded his darling Ramlatha. They had three children. Their child died in 2008 because of malignant growth. In 2011, they separated after he began dating Nayanthara. In 2010, he worked with the staggering entertainer in Villu.

They started dating before long. At the point when Latha got some answers concerning this relationship, she got ladies bodies to challenge Nayanthara. She even went on a craving strike. In 2012, Nayanthara chose to cut off their association. She took a break for very a few months prior to continuing her vocation. Prabhudheva started work in Bollywood, while she rose to become Woman Hotshot in South India.


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