6 Signs to Consider a Printer Upgrade


Technology has transformed the world, but no technology comes with a forever lifespan. Similarly, printers are no exception either, and they can start to show signs when they are pushed beyond their limits. While some printers may not completely die after their average lifespan, they start to show signs that business owners usually neglect. Neglecting these may seem tempting for your finances, but in reality, they have far more adverse effects.

Outdated printers don’t only affect your workforce efficiency and productivity, but they also interrupt the continuity of daily operations. The chances of malfunction in old age are significantly high, and they even stop in the midst of an important print job. This leaves you helpless and causes delays in crucial print jobs that need to be processed on high priority. Or, you will have to outsource your print jobs, which can lead to unnecessary business expenses.

Considering all this, upgrading hardware at the right time can save you from unnecessary cuts. Keep the article to explore the signs to consider a printer upgrade.

6 Signs to Upgrade Your Printers

When the printer is still being used after its average lifespan, it starts showing noticeable signs you need to pay attention to. By timely identifying these signs, you can make arrangements to replace your hardware before it affects your daily operations. Not only does this ensure everything is streamlined, but it also enables your employees to be more efficient and productive. This is because new-age printers are comparatively faster.

Here are 6 signs you can’t ignore about your dying printers.

1.      Hardware Noises

If your printer has started to make strange noises, it might be a sign that your hardware components are dying. While printers don’t usually make strange noises until they reach the end of their lifespan. Repairing your printer may fix your problem for a while, but it’s only a matter of time before it occurs again.

This will create a loop of repairs that will affect the daily flow of office chores and also your finances. Therefore, if you start hearing such sounds, it may be time to consider a replacement for your printers. Most businesses refer to printer suppliers at Xerox UAE to get an ideal printer that suits your office needs perfectly.

2.      Frequent Maintenance

Outdated printers start to show tons of problems even after they have been used for years. Paper jams, slow printing, poor printing quality, spots on the page, and leaking cartridges are the common problems in old-age printers. Most businesses send their printer for maintenance or repairs when they see such problems.

However, what they don’t realize is that these problems are bound to occur when most of the printer components are expired. This leads to frequent maintenance and makes you wait for hours or even days to process your important print jobs.

3.      Print Jobs Consume Too Much Time

This is the most annoying problem of a dying printer. The processing time of printers has gradually decreased over the years. This is because printers are used for countless daily tasks that can affect their internal hardware components. Leading to more processing time, specifically in large-volume print orders.

Most people connect the slow processing time with printer software problems. Therefore, they regularly update their printer software, which leads to other problems, as old printers are not compatible with new versions. This can cause further glitches and may even increase the time of print jobs.

4.      Printed Colors Don’t Match

You probably have noticed color differences between the paper and computer screen. While this problem can occur due to the ineffectiveness of printing consumables, it may also be linked to your printer’s efficiency. Unmatched print colors may lead to reprocessing the documents, which will lead to extra power and toner consumption.

If you are using this kind of printer for professional purposes, it can also have an adverse effect on your reputation. This is because color consistency plays an important role in portraying your company’s professional image. Therefore, if you notice color inconsistency, it may be time to upgrade your hardware for better quality.

5.      Lack of Security Features

While technological advancements are providing businesses with new strategies to develop and grow, they also come with certain risks. Cybercriminals are actively on the lookout to find businesses that have weakened security layers. Therefore, having old printer models with outdated software can make it vulnerable to cyber threats.

If your printer is not capable of installing new updates released by the manufacturer, you may be at risk of getting breached. If your printer security gets compromised, your confidential information may end up in the wrong hands. This is why you should refer to Xerox UAE to get the latest printers with robust security.

Are You Looking to Upgrade Your Printers?

Don’t let outdated printers affect the print quality and efficiency of your employees. Save your finances from frequent printer repairs by replacing them with the latest models that are durable. Contact now to get a printer that caters to your office needs.