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A recipe is a set of instructions for preparing or making anything, often a prepared culinary meal. Food and recipe is a basic knowledge for every individual to live a happy life

We provide you with the best food recipes and food items from different places and by different chefs so you can enjoy making your food and celebrate every occasion with family and friends.

There are lot many recipes we are going to share with you all in the coming future And we wrote many interesting facts you can check here.

such as:- TIPS FOR BEGINNERS IN THE KITCHEN ; Rabri – Jalebi at home ; Easy Breakfast Ideas Etc

Indian Dishes are vastly diverse and to not mention delicious due to the variability of flavors and regions. Indian Dishes is continually placed on food lists everywhere on the planet. Remember that point you and a lover sit down for dinner at an Indian food restaurant  The smell of jasmine and spice awakens...