Google launches Chromebook Plus laptops. Know the price, availability and features

Chromebook Plus laptops

Sales for this product will begin in the US on October 8 for $399, while in Canada and Europe, they will commence on October 9. On Tuesday, Google unveiled a fresh addition to its Chromebook laptop lineup, naming it the Chromebook Plus. According to the tech giant’s official blog, these devices are “ideal” for educators and professionals. The inaugural laptops falling into this category include the ASUS Chromebook Plus CM34 Flip, Acer Chromebook Plus 514, and Acer Chromebook Plus 515. 

Furthermore, Google stated that existing Chromebooks meeting the performance criteria of the Chromebook will receive certain upgraded features from the latter device.


Price and availability 

In the United States, these can be purchased from major retailers (Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart) starting October 8. In Canada and Europe, on the other hand, the sales will commence a day later. These devices cost $399 in the United States, roughly equivalent to ₹33,000.



  1. Google has doubled the storage capacity compared to the standard models, while the battery provides up to 10 hours of usage.
  2. These laptops synchronize your files with the local File Manager, guaranteeing constant accessibility to your Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, even without WiFi.
  3. It includes AI-powered features like Magic Eraser, which eliminates background distractions from photos, and Photoshop for creating impressive designs, images, and social content.
  4. You can enjoy “crystal clear” video calls thanks to the 1080p webcam. Additionally, the Chromebook Plus features a full HD+ IPS 1080 display that captures vibrant details.