iPhone 15 : 11 Things You Need to Know About Apple’s Next-Gen Smartphone Series

iPhone 15

In just a few weeks, September will mark the highly anticipated debut of Apple’s new iPhone. As per tradition, Apple holds its flagship event, unveiling the latest iPhone lineup and other exciting gadgets for the holiday season. Unlike previous iPhone generations, the next iPhone 15 series is expected to represent a significant generational jump. Let’s explore all the exciting changes we can expect from the upcoming iPhone 15 series. 

  • Titanium Frame

Rumors suggest that the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will retain design elements of the iPhone 14 series, with a flat aluminum frame and a dual-camera setup at the back. On the other hand, the premium iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max models will mark a milestone as the first iPhones to adopt a titanium frame.

  • Action button

A report from 9to5Mac indicates that the upcoming Apple iPhone 15 Pro series will replace the mute switch with a versatile programmable action button, offering users greater customization options. However, the standard models will retain the classic mute switch, a familiar feature since the first iPhone model.

  • Dynamic Island with ultra-thin bezels

Similar to the iPhone 14 Pro series, all four versions of the iPhone 15 will boast a contemporary display with a capsule-shaped cutout. The iPhone 15 Pro series will use the innovative LIPO display technology, enabling even smaller bezels, measuring just 1.5m. 

  • USB Type-C port

Reports suggest that all versions of the iPhone will feature USB Type-C connectivity. Ming-Chi Kuo confirms that the Pro models will enjoy faster USB 3.2 data transfer rates, while the standard models will have the limitation of the USB 2.0 standard.

  • A17 Bionic processor

DigiTimes reports that the top-tier Pro and Pro Max models will feature the cutting-edge A17 Bionic chip, manufactured on a 3nm process by TSMC. Conversely, the standard models will feature the A16 Bionic chip, the same as currently used in the 14 Pro series.

  • Repair-friendly design

Bloomberg reports that Apple’s repair-friendly design, initially introduced with the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, will now extend to all four variants of the iPhone 15 series. This expansion aims to simplify swapping the back panel, battery, and display for repair purposes.

  • 8 GB memory

According to the Taiwanese research firm TrendForce, the iPhone 15Pro series will mark a first for Apple, as it will come equipped with 8 GB of RAM. On the other hand, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will maintain their 6 GB RAM configuration. Additionally, the base variants of all four iPhone 15 models are expected to offer 128 GB of internal storage.

  • LiDAR scanner

LiDAR, a feature of the Pro series since the iPhone 12 lineup, will see significant improvements in the Pro model. The upgraded sensor from Sony is expected to enhance 3D depth mapping, improving portrait shots and providing a better overall AR app experience.

  • Wi-Fi 6E

The Pro and Pro Max models, which are more expensive, will gain Wi-Fi 6E capabilities, thanks to Qualcomm’s enhanced network modem. On the other hand, the lower-priced models will have limited Wi-Fi functionality, as they utilize the same network chip as the 14 Pro series.