New Icon ‘X’ got hired, Blue bird laid off from twitter


In a surprise move, Twitter bids goodbye to its iconic blue bird symbol as it welcomes the new face of ‘X.’ Join us as we explore the reasons behind this symbolic change, marking a significant shift in the platform’s identity.

On Monday, Elon Musk-owned Twitter unveiled its new “X” logo, effectively replacing the iconic blue bird symbol. Newly revealed logo featured a white ‘X’ set on a black background and was immediately visible on the platform’s website and accounts. Its introduction sparked various reactions among netizens, flooding the internet with memes.

Goodbye, Twitter Bird.

Numerous accounts circulated a viral graphic that depicted an animated version of the bluebird looking visibly upset, suggesting its “firing.” The image featured the bird with the text, “I was fired,” conveying a farewell message. Users shared this viral image to bid their final goodbyes to the beloved blue bird symbol. 


User Reactions and Concerns Over Twitter’s Rebranding Efforts 

While many users expressed their disapproval of the new logo, stating their preference for the traditional bird symbol, others voiced their concerns about the rebranding process. They suggested that the platform should focus on changing its visual identity and address other areas that require improvement. One major concern highlighted was the need to enhance the user experience for the non-verified audience, indicating that there are still important aspects beyond the logo update.   

The idea behind the new logo ‘X.’

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter last year, he renamed the business to X Corp. In October, he shared his vision of turning it into the “everything app,” stating that acquiring  was vital for creating X, the all-encompassing platform. Musk described the new ‘X’ logo as a “minimalist art deco,” confirmed by CEO Linda Yaccarino.