Punjabi Wedding

punjabi wedding

Every Punjabi wedding has these 10 events You must read and understand before attending any Punjabi wedding.
Punjabi weddings, believe it or not, are among the most fun-filled weddings in Indian culture. It’s not just the enjoyment that makes them ‘Big Fat Punjabi Weddings,’ but also the small-yet-significant emotional moments. At Punjabi weddings, it’s these simple things that are amusing while also evoking strong emotions. Wouldn’t you agree that all of these things inevitably occur during a Punjabi wedding? So, we’ve gathered here to discuss everything we see during Punjabi weddings.

  • Isn’t a Punjabi wedding incomplete without a late baraat?

If you’ve ever attended a Punjabi wedding, you’ll know that baraats are notorious for arriving late to the ceremony. Why not? They have to dance a lot, and the baraat won’t go on without some interesting dancing movements. The aunties, in particular, are seen performing in the baraat.

  • They bring their bar with them everywhere they go
    Yes! This is correct. Have you ever seen a Punjabi who isn’t holding a tumbler of whiskey? ‘Punjabiyan di battery charge rehndi hai’ means ‘Punjabiyan di battery charge rehndi hai.
  • Bari Barsi – Dhol Walas
    Without Dhol Walas, and especially without Bari Barsi, no Punjabi wedding is a big fat Punjabi wedding. In addition, the DJ must play ‘Sadi Rail Gaddi,’ which requires all visitors to dance on the DJ floor.
  • People Throwing Money While Dancing
    A party isn’t complete without money being thrown. That is simply their method of expressing their joy.
  • Aunties who Matchmake at Punjabi Weddings are required to state ‘agla number tera Hai.’ Then there’s the never-ending hunt for grooms/brides and their suggestions. 
  • Dances of the People
    Bhangra performances are a must-see at every Punjabi wedding. Isn’t that something we could watch for hours?
  • Loud Music Indicates The Presence Of Punjabis!
    What makes you think that won’t happen during the wedding? Because Moose Wala sadi jaan hega, you won’t see them dancing on Arijit Singh.
  • 10,000 Guests are expected
    Because half of Punjab and half of Canada is their family, Punjabis can never limit their wedding guests.
  • Dadi, you’re cool
    At his grandson’s wedding, you’ll always find one cool dadi on the bar, enjoying and dancing.
  • Food that is delicious
    Butter chicken, in particular, is a must-have on the menu. When it comes to tikkas, the variety is unquestionably unlimited.
  • Uncles Dancing While Holding A Whisky Glass!
    When they’re High-AF, this is their distinctive dancing move. And, to be honest, this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for!