Samsung’s Micro LED TV launched in India: Here’s why it costs so much

Samsung's Micro LED TV

Samsung has made an impressive entrance into India’s television market with the launch of its ultra-luxury Micro LED TV. With a massive 110-inch display, this groundbreaking TV is all set to redefine the industry with its cutting-edge features and advanced technology.  However, its staggering price tag of over Rs 1 crore has grabbed everyone’s attention. It has been compared to other luxury items like Toyota Camry owned by Mukesh Ambani’s daughter which costs less than half of this extravagant TV. Let’s explore the unique features and specifications that set Samsung’s Micro LED TV apart from the competition.

Samsung’s Micro LED TV Price and Availability

  • Samsung’s latest marvel, the Micro LED TV, has a jaw-dropping 110-inch display size.
  • This ultra-luxury television carries an equally astonishing price tag of Rs 1,14,99,000 in India.
  • The Micro LED TV promises to redefine the viewing experience through its groundbreaking features and cutting-edge technology.
  • Experience the ultimate TV experience with the Samsung Micro LED. Interested buyers can purchase it through the company’s official website and select retail stores nationwide.
  • With its premium features and unique visual treat. The Samsung Micro LED TV offers an attractive option for those looking for the pinnacle of TV technology.

Features that make it expensive:

Samsung’s 110-Inch Micro LED TV: Cutting Edge Technology

  1. Massive 110-Inch Display: Indulge in larger-than-life visuals with the awe-inspiring 110-inch display of the Samsung Micro LED TV, elevating your entertainment experience to unprecedented heights.
  2. Ultra-Small LEDs: Discover brilliance in every pixel with 24.8 million ultra-small LEDs, individually operated to deliver unparalleled depth, vibrant colors, and superior clarity.
  3. Sapphire Material Construction: Enjoy long-lasting, vivid colors on the screen, as the TV’s sapphire material ensures durability and a stunning visual display that withstands the test of time.
  4. Sleek and Seamless Design: With invisible bezels and slim edges, the Samsung Micro LED TV offers an elegant and seamless appearance, adding to its overall visual appeal.
  5. Ambient Mode+ for Immersive Ambiance: Transform your space into an art gallery with Ambient Mode+, creating an unforgettable and immersive ambiance to complement any environment.
  6.  Multi-View: Simultaneous 4K Content from Four Sources
    Discover the ultimate multitasking experience with the Samsung Micro LED TV’s Multi View feature. View up to four content sources simultaneously in 4K resolution and an impressive 120 fps on a wide screen. Which adds convenience and versatility to your entertainment.
  7. Layer-equipped OTS Pro: Rich Audio without Extra Equipment
    Experience exceptional sound performance with the 3-Layer equipped OTS Pro audio technology. This advanced system delivers rich sound without requiring additional equipment. The built-in 5.1ch speakers track screen movements, producing dynamic surround sound for an immersive cinematic experience.
  8. Dolby Atmos: 3D Surround Sound Journey
    Take your audio experience to new heights with Dolby Atmos. Cutting-edge tech and top-channel speakers produce 3D surround sound, immersing the audience in an auditory journey, bringing moments to life.

    In conclusion:

    One remarkable aspect of the Samsung Micro LED TV is its strong commitment to sustainability, evident through the inclusion of the SolarCell remote. This eco-friendly approach showcases Samsung’s dedication to environmentally conscious practices. With its exceptional features and eco-friendly initiatives. The Samsung Micro LED TV is determined to set a new benchmark for luxury entertainment systems.