Summer Tips

summer tips

During summer, remain healthy and follow the summer tips

It’s finally summer! A change in season necessitates a shift in inhabit, a new diet, and, of course, a weather-appropriate exercise plan. Warm weather can make your body more susceptible to many ailments, so it’s important to follow certain health rules to guarantee a healthy summer.

Here are some suggestions for staying healthy this summer:

Eat a healthy, light diet

Summer tips

On a regular basis, eat light, moderate meals. Heavy meals with a lot of carbs and fat produce a lot of heat in the body. Oranges, melons, tomatoes, and other fresh fruits and vegetables with high water content should be preferred.

Take care of your eyes

At work and at play, use protective eyewear to protect your vision from the harsh sunlight. When you’re outside, use sunglasses that block at least 99 percent of UV rays.

Limit your intake of alcohol and caffeine

Summer tips

You may become dehydrated quickly if you consume alcohol, fizzy beverages, or coffee. Reduce your intake of these popular beverages as much as possible, especially during the summer. Plain or flavoured water is a good choice.

Make sure you drink enough water

Summer tips

Summer heat and perspiration can dry your body, causing health problems such as fever and chills. To stay hydrated, drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water every day.

Remain inside

Outdoor activities should be reserved for cooler times of the day, such as early mornings before 11 a.m. or late evenings after 5.00 p.m.

Stay away from outside food

Summer tips

Food left on the side of the road might be contaminated, resulting in foodborne illnesses. Food that is not properly stored in the summer heat may degrade and cause gastrointestinal sickness.

Summer Vacations

Are you and your family planning a vacation this summer? If you want to travel within India during the summer, you need take a few precautions to avoid being overheated.

Here are some pointers:

Accessorize correctly

Summer tips

Natural fibres such as cotton and linen, in light hues, should be worn. When you’re outside, make sure you have proper mouth, nose, and ear protection to avoid dehydration from the hot winds. Wear a hat or umbrella for shade and sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Apply sunscreen to your skin

Summer tips

Apply a good waterproof sunscreen to all exposed regions of your body and reapply every three to four hours to keep your skin protected.

Adopt a proper skin-care regimen

If you don’t take the proper measures, summer may be very hard on your skin. Excessive oil and sweat irritate the skin, resulting in rashes, prickly heat, and acne flare-ups. Wash your face often or wipe a sweaty face with tissues to avoid acne. Apply natural face packs including aloe Vera gel or sandalwood powder to soothe the skin.

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