Top 5 Indian Dishes

Top 5 Indian Dishes

Indian Dishes are vastly diverse and to not mention delicious due to the variability of flavors and regions. Indian Dishes is continually placed on food lists everywhere on the planet.

Remember that point you and a lover sit down for dinner at an Indian food restaurant  The smell of jasmine and spice awakens your senses. There’s a busy clatter of pots and pans coming from the open kitchen.

Your mouth is already watering because the waiter comes over with a menu filled with delectable Indian dishes.

Now Time for the ultimate question: what do you have to eat?

For those that aren’t veterans of Indian food eating, making a choice could also be difficult.

We created this text for those moments when you’re watching a menu, feeling dizzy with delight and confusion.

Whether you’re in need of help ordering at a restaurant or have an interest in taking a stab at cooking, we’ve got you covered.

List OF Top 5 Indian Dishes


BUTTER CHICKEN - Top 5 Indian Dishes

 Butter Chicken is mouth-watering, tender chicken, cooked in a spiced spaghetti sauce. It is traditionally cooked in a tandoor (a cylindrical clay or metal oven), but could also be grilled, roasted or pan-fried in less authentic preparations.

Always make the gravy by first cooking fresh tomato, garlic, and cardamom down into a bright red pulp. This pulp is then pureed after cooling. Then, the chef adds butter, various spices, and Khoya (dried whole milk).

This can also be a Vegetarian Indian Dish Option:
Though tons of traditional Indian food uses meat, there are many Indian vegetarian dishes. You’ll make your own butter chicken vegetarian by substituting chicken with tofu or paneer.

You can mimic the taste and texture of chicken by tossing tofu/paneer pieces with corn starch. Then, bake the pieces within the oven and voila! You’ve got slightly crispy, delicious, buttery vegetarian “chicken”.

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2. Samosas (Deep-Fried Potato/Veggie Dumpling):-

Samosa- Top 5 Indian Dishes

Samosas are a really popular traditional Indian Dish. Probably because samosas are a tasty, fried, or baked pastry with savory fillings.

Spiced potatoes, onions, peas, and lentils fill in traditional samosas.But nowadays in modern India samosas are made with noodles,pasta etc. But sometimes, they’re made with ground lamb, hamburger or ground chicken.

Good news for all Indian food lovers and solely plant-based eaters. Indian samosas are usually vegan! It means the pastry is free from eggs and dairy products.

Samosas are served with mint chutney and red tomato or jaggery chutney. This food always ordered in Indian homes when guests are coming/invited.

3.  Matar Paneer (Peas and Cooked Cottage Cheese):-

Matar paneer - Top 5 Indian Dishes

Here is another in the “Indian vegetarian dishes” category!

Matar Paneer comes from regions of northern India. It’s made from a yummy spaghetti sauce over paneer (farmer’s cheese) and peas, and spiced with garam masala..

Depending on the region, it is likely to be served with rice, naan, paratha, poori, or roti (chapatti)

Enjoy dipping your bread (or Naan) into the tomato gravy after you eat up the cheese and veggies.

Whether you select naan, yogurt, potatoes or cream, to pair with this dish, your taste buds will thank you!

4. Mughlai Biryani:-

Mughlai biryani - Top 5 Indian Dishes


Mughlai Biryani may be a sort of Indian biryani that’s believed to possess been savored by the Mughal Emperors within the past. The dish is formed with flavored rice, chunks of spiced and browned meat (usually lamb), fried onions, sultanas, and dry fruits like almonds, which are layered during a pot, then cooked together, yielding a highly-aromatic specialty said to be fit a king.

A large amount of aromatic spices like saffron, nutmeg, cardamom, cumin, and cinnamon contributes to the rich and intense flavor of the biryani, making it perfect for festive occasions and non secular events like Eid. Mughlai biryani is usually consumed warm, either on its own or complemented by raita or various other chutnies.

 5. Dhokla:-

dhokla - Top 5 Indian Dishes

It is famous dish of Gujarat it is served in breakfast. Very much easy to consume and digest. The ingredient of this dish is conveniently available at home.

Dhokla is a vegetarian snack consisting of fermented chickpea batter and rice. Spices such as chili and ginger are added to the batter in order to improve the flavor of the dish. When baked, dhokla is often garnished with coriander, coconut, or chopped chilies, and it is typically accompanied by green mint chutney or chutney made up of jaggery and tamarind.

Because it is a popular dish and a favorite vegetarian snack, dhokla has many variations, such as semolina, rice powder, or cheese dhokla. Fluffy, low in calories, and packed with protein, it is unsurprising that dhokla remains a staple food of Gujarat.

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